Checking the Garage Door Spring

Checking the Garage Door Spring

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Safety is everyone’s concern. Whatever you do, you have to put your own safety as well as those around you above anything else. You should never neglect to ensure it at all times. When it comes to garage doors, disregarding safety can lead to serious consequences like injuries or even death. This is why regular maintenance is essential. This routine is not only intended to keep your door at peak performance but also to make sure that it remains safe to use. Although, cleaning and lubricating movable parts of the door is important, you should also regularly check the functionality of the door, cable, and springs.Checking the Garage Door Spring

How to check the functionality of the garage door springs

Among all the garage door parts, the ones that pose the most dangers are the garage door springs and garage door cable. These two are constantly in tension and the power that they produce when released accidentally can be fatal. There are some things you can do to determine whether or not your springs and cables are in need of replacement. What you can do is to close the door and disconnect the opener. Once that is done, manually open the door. You should be able to open it without difficulty and it should remain open. If you cannot open it or if it will immediately close on its own, you need to have the springs or the cables replaced.

Our professional technicians at garage door repair Santa Ana advice against replacing, repairing, or even adjusting the springs and cables of your doors alone. These tasks are just too dangerous and have claimed numerous lives in the past. You may contact us to find out more.

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